Going fishing help please. Going fishing help please. Going fishing help please. Going fishing help please.
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    Default Going fishing help please.

    planing on fishing the Catawba area. Could someone please give me info on where to buy bait and best boat launches. I have a 196 starcraft fishmaster.

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    If planning catawba area you could go to hi way bait on st.rt.163 . It's a couple miles or so east of st. St. 53 north. They are good people. Should have everything you need. You would have to backtrack to catawba but it's not that far. I've got a 2016 fishmaster 196 as well. Nought it new, love the rig. Good luck to ya, fish on!

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    Depends on where you want to fish. Catawba state park has a public ramp. It's located on west Catawba road. I usually buy minnows at hi way bait on 163 also just heard about a place a couple weeks ago called Jennettes bait close to the Miller fairly on Catawba island. Hope that helps.
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    herbs is on 53 on the island east side of the rd by west harbor.

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    with these cool nights don't feel you have to travel far to find them. I found them last Sunday morning, west of catawba in 19-20 fow. No other boats around. 2 of us took home 50.

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    I'm coming up Monday, I got close to a limit in 24 feet between Catawba and green island. Would have got more but I had my grand daughter, she loves to perch fish.

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