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    wallywarren Guest

    Default Trolling A Crawler Harness

    I have trolled with bottom bouncers with a harness for five years now for eyes on erie with good success but have grown tired of the tracking problems you have with them. I found in line fishing weights and PA's double trouble lure that will salve the problem but have never used them. Was wondering if any one has and what you prefer.

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    farside2008 Guest

    Default Worm Harness

    What I have found successful is using Jet Divers or Dipsy Divers. I connect my worm harness to the jet diver....set it back somewhere between 50-141 ft and then hook my main line to a planner board. I also like to mix in some Michigan Stinger spoons in there. This combo proved very deadly for me last yr.


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    ERIE REBEL1 Guest


    I use Cabelas keel sinkers for all of my harnesses.Have fished in water from twenty ft.down to fifty-five ft. successfully with these sinkers.

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    Smile All 3 are good

    I use all 3. Jets, Dipsy's, and Keel or egg weights. The problem your incuring is the bottom bouncers are to heavy to troll and spin around entanglling the line. Obviously unknown till ya pull them up. Try the 3 listed. They will treat ya right and you'll have allot less frustration and tangles to deal with. I find it amazing how well the 20' jets produce with stinger spoons 50 ft back of the boat. The walleye dont seem to care. Oh Yeah! Squirt em with WD 40. And change your trolling speed frquently by turning the boat direction or changing engine speed. The stop and drop method produces, so does the swing

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    kal5528 Guest

    Default Wd-40?

    What do you spray with that and why?

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    Default Wd-40

    Way way back before there was much of anything on the market to use as a fish attractant I recall fishermen in Lake Michigan would spray their salmon spoons or J-Plugs with WD-40. Made an oil trail in the water that the salmon would home in on since their main forage - alewives - were extremely oily. I assume that this guy is an old-school angler who still uses WD-40 as an attractant.

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