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    I have always been a spring/early summer walleye guy, but have been thinking about going back out this fall as the weather permits. The trail cameras in the woods are not showing the bucks we have been hoping for due to EHD, etc. like they usually are.

    I am completely out of tune to the fall fishing patterns and was hoping that someone would help clue me in a little to the late Oct/Nov bite.

    Should I be back to Reef Runners by then, do they show back up into the same areas west of the islands that early or do they not show up until mid winter?

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    good question. I was wondering the same thing. I have only been out once so far this year. boats will be fixed and ready this weekend. not sure if I should try perchin or try for some eyes. hopefully the answer is BOTH!!

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    Most are using RR, DHJ or any stick baits again by then. Night trolling along shoreline or a little deeper in the day. Most fish are caught High in the water colum. Huron is a good place to start because there is more boats that fish that are in the fall thus there is more information. People work very well together in the fall because the number of boats are down so the information flows out.

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    Do you think the bigger fish that are to the east Vermillion, Huron, etc. do they wind up west of the islands before thanksgiving or just hang out over there in the abyss until the ice comes on/mid winter?

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    huron, vermillion are know for big fish in the fall, that's where you should go.

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    Reef Runners are the main late season bait for Fall Walleye. Fish are between Vermillion and Huron and move West as it ges colder and around November 1 that should be sacked up off Cedar Point. Perch were hitting at Stare and NW or Kelly Shoal on Sunday. We caught 150 Sunday but only 9 on Saturday.

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    Do I need to run all the way out to the sandbar or do they wind up closer to shore. Dont mean to ask seemingly dumb questions, but I literally have never fished must further east than airport reef. Usually fish west and north of the islands. I have no problem with goose chases, just don't have a clue for fall fishing. I would assume that since I will be fishing just like early spring (up high) that you won't mark many of the fish you are gonna catch. Just looking for surface bait balls?

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