anybody have this happen before? anybody have this happen before? anybody have this happen before? anybody have this happen before?
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    Talking anybody have this happen before?

    had a nice walleye plus a 2lb silver bass on the same crawler harness just the other day, that felt a bit goofy and unusual reeling in......

    I have had three white perch on at once same harness.

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    I got a sheep n yellow perch this year first time for me........... thought I had a 12lb walleye........

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    Smile one walleye two spoons

    last week we had one two lb walleyes with two spoons in his mouth from two seperate rods,

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    I've had salmon hit two different down riggers before but never a walleye

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    Default salmon

    Ive had two king salmon on the same rod, one on the plug the other on a slider,not a stacker, that was very wild indeed... got'em both 15lbs and 18 lbs.

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    My son hooked a 5 plus pound smallmouth and we lost him at the boat when the tie failed on his hook. 2 minutes later I caught the same fish and he still had my sons hook in his mouth.

    I think Wayne has me beat with that walleye with 2 spoons from 2 different rods, that's pretty cool!

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    My best is an umbrella rig off a dipsy with a 28 inch walleye a 22 inch speedhead and a 5 inch white bass... lol... we thought we caught another drift sock...yes we caught a drift sock...come to find out it was ours... lol... what a fight.... good times

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    Haha. I wanna catch a drift sock. The fight if a lifetime. lol
    Rookie Perch fisher, veteran Perch eater.

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    when u clean a drift sock do u scale it or skin it? lol

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    Smile another story

    I run inline planers, my friend had caught a hog of an eye on one line, only to have the snell snap, the fish had inadvertently from its battle, got intertwined and wrapped up with the neighboring rig which immediately caused that board to sag suggesting to us that he went for that harness as well, lucky for us it was a "cluster" you know what! it was an 8.6 lber.

    suggestion: when you tie those snells for your harnesses and you get very busy hammering those eyes, I strongly suggest you use 20lb test or else the odds of your snell's snapping from wear and tear would have to use at least no.2 hooks, I use no.1 gammies on most and then some 0's.
    Most fisherman have a trove of new snells on standby for quick changes in the heat of the battle.

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