Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019 Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019 Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019 Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019
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    Default Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019

    Yesterday, was the first of a two day trip with "Mr and Mrs Claus", as I like to call them. Cally and Diane Morgan are from MN and he is the spitting image of the commercial likeness of Santa Claus. They both dress up like the characters for the holiday season and play the parts for different occasions.

    We went for walleye yesterday and I went out to the same area I have been fishing NNE of Kelly's, somewhere out there between Kelly's and the weather buoy. The fish are a bit scattered out there now, compared to the last two weeks, so they are moving. Once you find them though, you can stay on top of them and scratch a limit out of there. However, on windy days, it gets rough way out there, so having closer options is always a good thing.

    We ran 4 dipsies and two Off Shore boards. The zero settings were 50 and 60 back with Ripplin Redfins on them. The Huff Daddy color ran on the starboard side, and the blue/chrome ran on the port side. Both caught fish, so they stayed on.
    The three settings were running spoons, blue/silver, and a green silver caught fish.

    The Off Shore boards were pulling two number 11 Flicker Minnows around and catching fish too. The Purple Flash and Seasick Frog both were productive at 85 and 99 back.

    Speed was 2.3-2.6mph

    We caught our 3 person limit by 10:30 and headed back in, due to Diane's seasickness. She had taken Dramamine, but it wasn't working. She never got sick, but she was not comfortable or having much fun even though she was a trooper and pretending to be having fun. lol I've been there, so I know that is NOT fun, no matter what one says.

    This morning, I picked them up and was surprised to see Diane decided to go again. She told me that she didn't take anymore Dramamine, because it made her drowsy, even though she took the kind that said "Less Drowsiness", and she felt that is what made her queezy yesterday. I said, "Well, it should be less windy today, so that will help too".

    We hit Rickard's for some ice and a few more "Seasick Frogs" in both the Flicker Minnow and the Bandit. Hmmmmm....maybe I should wait to tell you that color until I go pick more up for myself. Every time I tell a good color that is working, and I need to get another one, I can't find one...anywhere! lol's a productive color. I was told about it by Steve Gregg over in Huron, and I picked one up to try it out. He was's hot, not only over there where he's fishing, but out where I'm fishing too. Thanks for the tip on that color Steve!

    Today, I ran two Seasick Frog Flicker Minnows behind the Off Shore boards and the usual Ripplin Redfins on the zero setting dipsies. The Huff Daddy took a 30 incher this morning and made Cally's trip, even though it's not his personal best. He's caught a 31 1/4" before, so it was close, but no cigar.

    I picked up two black headed wonder bread Scorpion Spoons this morning at Rickard's too, and it turned out to be a productive one, so I put a second one out....they were on the 2 and 3 setting dipsies at 80 and 95 respectively.

    I eventually took one of the wonder breads off though, and put my old trusted silver bellied, with purple and a chartreuse edge on the back, on and it took a few fish towards the end in pretty fast fashion.

    We had our 3 person limit by 9:15 this morning in the same area. I found a small pod of active fish, and just kept turning on them, since the lake was flat and I could do that easily this time. I'm sure I could have just picked a direction and kept on trolling and found more, because that's how it is now....just keep going...they are all over the place out there. But, if you find some hungry/active fish and you can stay on top of them without any traffic...I suggest doing that....wink wink.

    Diane had a much better day today out there too. She didn't get queezy, so that was a relief. She had a lot more fun today, and that makes me happy.

    After we caught your walleye, we did go to a couple of perch spots near Kelly's but only caught one and missed some. It sucked, so we headed in at 11:30, because it was getting hot sucked. lol

    I'm off tomorrow, which is a good thing since we have scattered showers and thunderstorms forecast again, but will be out again with Brian and Laura Stanczyk on Thursday and Friday.

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls

    Attached Images Attached Images Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019-cally-diane-morgan-8_20_19a-jpg Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019-cally-diane-morgan-8_20_19b-jpg Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019-cally-diane-morgan-8_19_19b-jpg Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019-cally-diane-morgan-8_19_19c-jpg Fishing Two Days with "Mr and Mrs Claus"...8/19-20/2019-cally-diane-morgan-8_20_19d-jpg 
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    As always, great report Capt. Juls.

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    Fantastic report, way to find em and keep stickin em!! Nice work as always CAPT!!

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