We met at Mazuriks at 8 am and headed out around 8:30. we went into shallower water this morning because the wind blew out of the north all night and i marked a lot of fish at 35' to 38' the day prior and i thought maybe it would clean up that water a little and we could catch them. I was wrong.. dang it.. and it was still too muddy, we trolled there for about 2 hours and caught one really nice fish on the bottom.

We moved back north and trolled south with the wind and picked up 2 over the dumping ground. Then the wind changed to out of the west and slowed a bit and we followed that mud line again west to east slow slow and slow. The temp dropped 10 degrees from the day prior and slowed the fishing way down, the bite was not nearly as good as saturday.

We kept working and ended up with a nice 29.5" fish ohio and about a 3 man limit. took some moving around and keeping after it for that. same program as saturday worked but we used more perfect 10's since the cold moved in and that seemed to help. the fish wanted everything slow.

most fish caught over 40' to 47' of water 20' to 30' deep perfect 10's 20/20 and 20/30 caught most of them.

it was a nice day after lunch and i had a nice time making some new friend and sharing fish stories. Today may be the last fishable weekend for a while but it was very enjoyable to get the boat out and suck up some sun. Hope for more weather like this soon.

See you all on the lake.. tight lines..Fishing with a crew of new Ohio fishing friends 1/6/19-img_1702-jpgFishing with a crew of new Ohio fishing friends 1/6/19-img_1705-jpgFishing with a crew of new Ohio fishing friends 1/6/19-ipvk3288-jpg