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    Hi all… First off, thank you to everyone who contributes.. I hear of guys catching 3 man limits in an hour and a half…It usually takes me 6 to 8 hours to get 18… Im there the first week in June. Usually use either bandits or harnesses..I fish around Kelley’s …Thoughts?

    Thanks again

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    I think 18 fish in 1 1/2hr is doable depending on the day and time of day. I don't fish that far east but there are days where we have limited early but more days where we fished all day.
    I love being on the water so I don't care.
    Depths, speed, colors all come into play. But I have been out when it really didn't matter

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    I have had days where I was able to catch 8-10 fish in 90 minutes trolling by myself (kept my 6, released the others) with only two rods, so I could see a quick 3 man limit happening with more lines in the water, assuming an experienced crew. More often though, it would take me 3-4 hours or more to get a single limit, but just depended on weather, water clarity, water temp, and what bait the fish prefer. Sometimes, it would take me an hour or more just to figure out what they want, and other times, I would guess correctly at the outset. I also was less productive jigging, so that would extend the days when I chose to fish that way. My takeaway is that the more often you fish, the better calls you make regarding location, bait, speed, and depth, so your productivity increases. As noted above, I also like being on the water, so a quick limit isnÂ’t my goal, but is an occasional bonus of this great fishery.

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