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    HI Folks: We have an older trailer that belongs to our 1974 Winner Cobra 14 foot runabout. I think its safe to assume that its the original trailer. One of the wheel bearings is going -- we cannot seem to find a replacement. I am wondering if any of you might know where to get them at a reasonable price -- one guy wanted 450 for 1 bearing (not even the set)

    The number on the bearing is L44643LA -- we are searching around other locations as well, but I am hoping someone here has some or knows where to look


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    First, it might help if we knew where you are located. Try Applied Technologies Inc. If they cant get it for you it is not possible. I cant imagine a bearing being that pricey. Wheel bearings on forklifts dont cost that much. I would change the spindle before I spent that much

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    Hi-- im located in Lester, ohio -- about 35 miles south west of Cleveland -- we think we have found full hub and bearing replacements at TSC -- in my book, that will be the best way to go to bring us up to modern bearings instead of antique ones


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    Aha! You must have ball bearings instead of roller bearings with a race & a cone. Glad you found a replacement.

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