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    Looks like tomorrow is going to be a nice day out on the lake. Planning on heading out walleye fishing out a Fairport. Not sure if I am getting a 5am or 1pm start, but I will definitely be out there. Heading Northwest out of the harbor to 70'+. If anyone else is planning to get out tomorrow, send me a message or hit me up on Ch. 68 - would love to hear from ya


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    yobrick007 Guest

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    Good Luck! went drifting tues off the lagoons in 58 w no luck. Just white perch. Good Marks though. Lake was 2-4's andcalmed to down to basically nothing. Let me know how you do, won't be on lake till sat

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    Matt we went out on wednesday for walleye we did not do very good 1 walleye 8 lbs in the first 10 mins and that was it lake steady built 3-4's 5-7's it was getting to the point that it was starting to suck plus only getting 1 walleye it was time to go we will be back up this weekend so let me know how you do .

    Good luck

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    Lake was rough early, so we did not get out to the deep water until around 10am. Fished in 68'-70' for only about 2 hours, got a handful of perch and 2 'eyes - one was a hawg (check out the braggin' board). Ran 40 and 50/Jumbo Jets 100'-120' back. Got both walleye on 50 jet with a stinger spoon called "blonde muffin" (a version of blueberry muffin - purple with chartreuse tip). Fish seemed to be bunched up toward the bottom in 45'-50' or even some deeper. Lots of marks and there were a few other boats around me, but it didn't sound like anyone was doing particularly well. Gonna try to get back out Saturday. Good luck to all and keep us posted!

    First One's Out

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    yobrick007 Guest

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    See ya on the lake sat! I also plan to go deep but we"ll see. They're calling for some pretty stiff wind from SW.
    "No Problem"

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    yobrick007 Guest


    Hey Jason or Matt, interested in fishing out of Geneva? I have quality numbers if your interested.

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    Smile Yobrick 007

    I'm docked in conneaut that is a far run on the boat.
    But i greatly appriciate the offer thank you.
    And likewise if you make it over this way.

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