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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Default Any Luck

    Anybody go out this weekend? Any luck? Fairport, Geneva, Ashtabula?

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    I got out Saturday morning and set up about 7:30am. Fished until about Noon off Eastlake and Willowick with no luck. The lake conditions were great but the water was very murky/muddy.

    Started in about 34' and worked out to 46'. Used Stingers off Jet Divers at 20', 30', and 40'.

    As always, if anyone has suggestions for locations, depths, or spoon colors, I would appreciate it!

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    Thumbs up luck

    try in shallower like 15 to 10 or even 8 foot of water they will go that shallow this time of year

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    Wink good stuff

    I hope that i can help when the water temps are in are in the 40's troll .8 to1.5 mph start slow in the morning just fast enough to activate your lure then as the the day progresses atempt to speed up till you find at what speed the fish want it also try in 14-26 feet the water is warmer in close the fish will be more active. I have caught several walleye just out of the break wall in conneaut where I go out of .When the water is in the upper 40's - low 50's it is still slow over here but the temps are coming up last look 42-45 deg in close a rule of thumb I use is

    water temps in the mid 40's .8- 1.5 mph

    upper 40's mid 50's 1.2-2.0 mph

    upper 50's to mid 60's 1.5 -2.5 mph

    I GO BY THE BOAT NAME BURNIN DAYLIGHT OUT OF CONNEAUT, BUT I TRAVLE TO ASHTABULA,GENEVA. FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ON 68 OR72 glad to help im up most weekends also if you have a hard time trolling that slow try drifting the same as we do in the west easy to do in shallow jiging or crawler
    harneses one trick is to long line your jigs works great we get em when others dont try it 80-120 feet of line or more to help cure boat shy walleye
    I would not tell you if I did not do it my self one day I may need a hand.
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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Default Jason

    Hey Jason
    I am somewhat new at all this, and I just wanted to say thanks and God Bless you sir. A true fisherman what a relief there are too many people who will not share any help with another. What kind of life is that? I remember when I was young and my dad who has passed would always help another fisherman. Well I am going to give this lake hell this year, or well I will try. I bought a 19' thompson erie edition and I have outfitted it really well. I have a lorance hd fish finder/gps/chartplotter, ship to shore, big john mast, super ski boards, spoons, worm harness, jets, dipsys, okuma rods and reels, tube jigs and all the kabooms a guy could buy. My wife said if I cant catch a fish I am a idiot! I am really getting nervous that i may look the part but fall on my face! I will try I am really wanting to get out! hoping for Saturday or Sunday this weekend. I go out of Geneva or Fairport could go out of Ashtabula but I live in madison and it is close to go out of Fairport or Geneva.
    Jason your a rare breed and God Bless You!

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    Default head west

    right now we have not done much in the conneaut ,ashtabula area you might want to check over west of geneva I saw the water temps are up in that area i'm not shure if you can check with the bait shops over there good luck
    I had a 17' bayliner rigged up well it worked great for years just watch the skys check the weather on the cb you should not have many problems
    talk to ya latter.

    feel free to call if you need help BURNIN DAYLIGHT.

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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Default Jason

    What kind of boat do you have now? And how is it equipped?

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    Smile My boat.

    I have a 1988 24' 8'6 beam cuddy with a 350ci motor,dule prop top speed 44 mph good shape runs great rebuilt 3 years ago . Electric down riggers , mast, boards ,head ,stove, sink, fridge,auto pilot fish finder's ,radio's ,gps and such.
    realy a pretty nice set up I still have the other boat but now rarley used.

    if you ever have any questions I check in daily thanks and good luck
    glad to help


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    Jason - I echo Bob's gratitude. Thank you very much for your advice. I was actually wondering if I was going too fast, if I was too deep, and if I should try drifting and jigging. You answered all of my questions and then some. I definitely owe you one!

    I plan to go out Friday evening and/or Saturday morning and maybe Sunday morning depending on the weather. I will definitely hit you up on Channel 68. My boat's named First One's Out and my name is Matt. Talk to you soon!

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    Smile To the first ones out

    It will be the first week of May befor I can make it back out its Turkey season OH, PA. but always feel free to call out if I can hear you I will respond if you have any questions just ask I check in daily and 2-3 times on rainy days .
    Rainy days are the days to get all of your gear ready, check reports,tie leaders,check out the boat, ect. So I don't have to do it on the water when it is time to fish .



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