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  1. Trolling

    by , 04-12-2021 at 05:44 PM (Trolling and what options)
    Trolling and what options
    I want to thank anyone with advice in advance, and please I know these questions have been asked alot but here goes another round. I have gotten back into boating after about 35 years, my uncle ran charters 30 +years for a few guys that are still out there, until he went on his own(slow retrieve charters). Back in the 80s it was about drift fishing and later trolling, but long lining it. There weren't the options of inline planers ,dipsy divers, big boards..etc. ...
  2. Fazer 192

    New to walleye fishing on Erie ,how soon do the walleye move into the central basin [Pa. boundaries] in bigger numbers? do they head east in shallower water then go deeper as summer water temps increase. I live in south central Pa. and would like to start fishing in May if the walleye are in the Walnut area.
  3. Fishing Lure Idea

    Hello Fellow Fishermen!

    Iím making a post because I need your help with something. Iíve been working on an idea for fishing lures like crank baits to solve the problem of getting snagged and needed some feedback. I have 4 questions and if you could put a response it would greatly help. You can just answer in the comment section.

    1. If you knew there was a lure that would allow you to retrieve the the body of it back but leave the hooks on the snagged boulder or log, ...
  4. Welded Aluminum Boats

    Quote Originally Posted by shouldabeen View Post
    I would say about 4lbs. Lol 😆
    ba da boom tssssh, Thank you thank you very much,
  5. Ice jigging

    Quote Originally Posted by capt pete View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by badboards View Post
    I'm not sure what your fishing for but if it's walleye your probably not gonna find them in the harbor. I don't ice fish but I'm thinking you need to be out of the harbor somewhere. Would like to here somebody with some experience chime in on this one.
    I agree with this post. You will catch bluegill and largemouth bass in the harbor thru the ice. I have fished Lake Erie for over 50 years , recreationally and professionally, and have not been fortunate enough to find a harbor walleye.
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