It was a long sunny day, I could hear the other kids from the block playing and shouting. Across the street, indigenous music is been played loudly by Mr stilinski from his old and condemned speakers. Several times petitions have been written the county police restraining Mr Stilinski from playing his ambiguous music this loud which often disturbs the peace of others.
I tossed and turned on my bed, the sheets almost half way to the floor, all I wish is to go to sleep but sleep seems so far-fetched thanks to the kids and Mr stilinski! My own thoughts are also a contributing factor to my lack of sleep, for some time now I have always wanted to try the new fishing equipment, Dad brought home 5 nights ago, I saw the case but could not make out the name, my dad knowing me for who me for who I am, immediately locked the fishing equipment up in the attic.
Still tossing and turning, I heard my dadís truck on the curb, even if I am sleeping and my dad returns home with his truck, I would know; my room is directly over the garage so I know the sound of the engine like my heartbeat. Gathering my straying mind, My dad knocked on my room door and walked in, he kissed me on the forehead and said Dave, Iíve got a surprise for you and I looked into his eyes inquisitively without saying a word; He gave me the keys to the attic and told me get the fishing equipment he just bought, he said we were going fishing. I could not contain my Joy, I was literally flying towards the attic to get the equipment, unlocking the attic I searched around for the box and found it on the extreme end, unwrapping the box I found one of the sleekest fishing reels I have ever seen. On the box I saw some name like Piscifun, took me a minute to figure it out, nevertheless, what matters the most is Iím going fishing with my dad with the sleekest fishing reels ever.
Dashing back to my dad who was already unloading some boxes from the truck; my dad collected the equipment from me and placed it in the rear passenger seat and told me to get in, my joy knew no bounds finally my wishes were coming to reality. I always thought was just about getting on the boat, go out on the water, throw the line and wait for the fish to bite. I took another look at the Piscifun reel and smiled, I canít to see how it works, and this was going to be fun.
I was very concerned about getting on the boat and getting to feel the movement of the water, Iíve read and heard stories of people going on their 1st fishing expedition and they got sick and throwing up, I promised myself that would ever happen to me.
We arrived at the shore and walked to the pier with our fishing equipment where the boats are stationed. We walked on the coast and could see the surfers utilizing the waves. There were restaurants and loads of tourist in them enjoying the ocean, you could smell the delicious seafood that was being cooked, I almost had a hunger attack.
As we moved closer to the pier, we could see a lot of other people coming to fish arriving as well. I tried looking for who as the same fishing reel as us but could not find anyone; I gave up and saw my dad exchanging pleasantries with another man, my dad said he owned one of the restaurants on the coast line.
Finally we got to the pier and I saw other people pushing wooden carts filled with their fishing equipment. I asked my dad if he had one of these. He said ďof courseĒ It is something every fisher must have because it would be very difficult to carry the equipment by hand unless he/she is fishing in a stream.
We located our boat and it had my middle name inscribed on it ďWadeĒ, I could not believe it, my dad named his boat after me, I looked at him with admiration and looked me in with eyes filled with love and smiled at me. Our boat was on a cart and I saw my dad unload another box into the boat which contains cheese, bread, fruits, newspapers, beans and off we went into the middle of the lake.
The boat stopped and my dad prepared the reel with bait, it seemed complicated but casting was easy, suddenly there was tug and I screamed, there was a live creature on our line. We were actually fishing; I was pumped with adrenaline and so anxious to see what was on our line, I tried pulling but it was much heavier than I could handle, my dad helped in pulling and to my greatest surprise, my dad pulled out one of the Largemouth Bass fishes Iíve ever seen, it dangles and fought for freedom but it was trapped for life then my dad said we had to let it go because we had no need for it; I was unhappy for a moment but reverted realizing my wishes for days just came through which was fishing with my dad and trying out the new reel.
We tried fishing some more but caught nothing for hours after eating and talking for some time, we decided to go home in defeat but I would never forget this day; the day I caught my first Largemouth Bass.