Sandusky Bay Crappie Fishing? Sandusky Bay Crappie Fishing? Sandusky Bay Crappie Fishing? Sandusky Bay Crappie Fishing?
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    I have recently started fishing for crappie at an old wooden dock along the sandusky bay in sandusky, ohio. Me and some friends went there after not having much luck for perch on the lake and met a guy who had about 13 crappie from this dock. I have been there three times now for a few hours and havent gotten a single bite. What am I doing wrong??? I have tried using 1/16 ounce jigs with different colored artificials worms with tails on them. I have tried using these jigs with the artificial worms with a bobber. I have tried using a vibrax lure(similar to a rooster tail). Nothing seems to be biting. Please reply with suggestions! Thanks!

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    SargetheTank, This has been a weird spring for fishing. was there a warm front or cold front the day you found this guy with 13 crappie? Maybe he caught them somewhere else and was there trying that dock with no luck either. You mentioned one weight of the jig, (1/16) did you try 1/32? 1/8 or 3/16? also it would have been best to see what he was using, what depth he was fishing, what size tail(affects fall rate) color, pound test line. We had a Noreaster with the low down in Tennessee, during the New Moon to Full Moon (Fishing Moon) during a warm front (Winds from the East, fishing the least-even in a warm front. Winds from the south catch fish in the mouth, and winds from the west, fishings the best(If it is during a warm front) Today for example winds from the west but during a cold front was a tough bite. Try the dock tomorrow and see how you do, you should slay em! Good Luck!

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    Cap'nCrunch, I forgot to mention that this guy was using a bobber with a 1/16 oz. jig with a green artificial curly tail worm. He was throwing it close to the dock where the boats come in and started playing with his line down by his reel. We went perch fishing and passed him on the way to the pier. After we didnt have much luck, we came back and he was still there with all those crappie. So i'm almost positive that he caught them there. Everyone who goes down there seems to use bobbers, but I have never personally caught a fish while using a bobber. Im also not used to using lures either since I am mostly perch fishing (tight lining a perch or crappie rig). I tried it for a little bit today since there was a nice overcast and winds out of the south. Still no fish pulled out of the water. I even used live minnows and tried some crappie jigs. After about an hour, I used the rest of my minnows perch fishing and went home. I am so frustrated!

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    I have caught a lot of Crappie with a jig under a bobber, I usually use the weighted bobber (smallest that will float your jig and not sink) and usually I prefer a bobber as close to Sky color so it blends in and doesnt spook the fish, usually I have to use the brightyellow. I wish they would make weighted bobbers white on the bottom and bright orange on the top. Crappie generally feed "Up" so it's best to start high(6" under the bobber and work your way down until you get a strike. It is possible the crappie he caught were on the bed and he cleared them out. Try to find similar structure at a different location. I feel that the tube jigs under a bobber work a little better than a twist tail. Don't get frustrated, enjoy the challenge. My Grandma used to always say I wasn't holding my mouth right, when she was catching em and I wasn't. Good Luck!

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