slow fishing 6-3-6-7 slow fishing 6-3-6-7 slow fishing 6-3-6-7 slow fishing 6-3-6-7
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    Default slow fishing 6-3-6-7

    6-3 We got on the water about 11am Mon after driving from Indy. Due to wind direction we decided to troll from halfway in between green and rattlesnake towards Niagra reef. Only picked up a couple of keepers and some goats, so we then ran over by west side of south bass and trolled over there trying to stay out of the wind. Picked up a couple more keepers and few more goats. We were trolling bandits on one side and pwc on the other side and dhj12 on snap weights out the back. Fishing lures 15 to 23 ft deep.

    6-4 Tues launched out of Mazurik's and headed out to the dump straight out from Marblehead. Started trolling north from the dump. Same setup of cranks. Picked up a couple of shorts then my brother hooked into a big 26"er. Landed that big boy and trolled north till we were half way up the side of Kelly's island. Ran back to the dump and made another troll. picked up a couple more and a few goats, and some white bass. Decided to switch to worm harnesses instead of crankbaits. There were a bunch of boats farther east of Kelly's Island wasn't sure if they were catching or not but later they were gone. Once we switched to harnesses it turned into a goat bananza.

    6-5 Had a south wind today so we looked at the map and decided to check out north side of a few islands. Launched out of Catawba and ended up fishing north side of rattlesnake. We were trolling worm harnesses again today. Found a little group of walleye feeding and was doing pretty good. Had a couple come loose before they got to the boat. Even though we were trolling worm harnesses with snap weights on planers, we still had a couple of cranks on snap weights directly behind the boat. My daughter had a hit on the crank as we were coming to the north west side of the island. She struggled with it but got it in and we netted another 26"er.
    We were in a decently calm area so we were just trolling in a big circle. Walleye tended to be biting more at the ends of the islands. We had 11 keepers in the boat and had caught several shorts. Trolling harnesses from 12-24ft over 30 fow. Decided to check the radar and came to the quick decision that we had to pack up and go. By the time we got all the lines in and untangled the storm was almost there! We headed in but my boat is only 18' and the waves were decent size so could only go so fast without beating us to death! Luckily we got the boat loaded just before the storm hit....whew that was close.

    6-6 It's supposed to be windy today. There was some rain clouds on the radar and after yesterday did not want to be on the lake in a storm, so we waited for the rain clouds to roll through. Got on the water about 830am. The plan was with sw w wind to launch at Mazuricks and use land masses for wind break. We were hoping the wind would stay sw so we could try to fish N side of rattlesnake again but as we cleared the peninsula we found that wind was already out of the west. We ended up getting over to the west side of south bass. Trolled up and down west side of south bass. Picked up 2 keepers and 4-5 shorts along with some white bass and some goats. About 330 looked out towards Kelley's island and it looked like the wind died down. We weren't killing them where we were at so we decided to go check rattlesnake to see if the wind died down and if it did we would fish if not we would just call it a day. Got around south bass and quickly found that the wind hadn't died down. We decided to call it a day and took the long rough ride back to the launch. Friday supposed to be even windier and that's the day we have to head home anyway, so we decided we would just head home. Drive home proved to us that we made the right decision. Got to drive in the 20 to 30 mph head wind all the way home.

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    Default Re: slow fishing 6-3-6-7

    Lots of Great information. You sure covered a lot of area. It's been slow now for a couple weeks. Not a lot of reporting going on. It should change soon. Enjoy those eaters you caught.

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    Default Re: slow fishing 6-3-6-7

    Nice work Squatch. You had to work really hard for them which isn't usually the case late May to early June. I had similar experiences last trip out there and ended up East of Huron. I'll be in Ashtabula the rest of this year. Hope to connect with you again next year in PC. Or....if you wanna summer fish farter East, text me buddy.


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