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    Came up this past weekend with a group for a work trip. We stayed on PIB and went out with Cliff with PIB charters on Sat afternoon.

    We went up toward Pelee island by the line and started our drift back toward MB. Did one long drift there and marked a TON of fish but picked up mostly sheepys and bait stealers. Ended up with 8-10 walleyes but all were short. Move to between NB and MB and did one more drift but more of the same. Nice seeing those good marks but figured we wouldnt catch much with the cold front, the big blow, and the buffet of mayflys!

    Hoping to get up to my boat next weekend and will report how we do.

    Tight lines all!

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    Hey Tom.

    We had similar experience on 6/8. Fished SE of Mill Point in Canada (this is the south eastern part of Pelee Island) in 30-40 ft. Marked TONS of fish, just wouldnt eat. Ended up with 5.

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    We were up this weekend as well. We went to same general area and fished all of Saturday. We ended up with 22 keepers and about a dozen shorts, 2 perch, a couple sheeps, and a couple cats. I guess we were luckier. Most of ours were hugging the bottom. Our three biggest walleye were 22 inchers. Both cats caught were 9 and 9 1/2 pounders, so fun catches for the guys.

    Sunday, the weather was worse. It was a tough ride out there and tougher coming back. We were able to put 8 in the cooler and 4 perch before we had enough of the weather. We had one 22 incher which was our biggest. One of our guys caught a 30 13 lb catfish which was a fight for him and fun to watch.

    With the outcome heard from other boats, we were happy with coming out of the weekend with 30 total walleye and 6 bonus perch.
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    John and i also fished that area off Pelee Saturday. Started off with a harness and bandit off our two boards and a spoon harness and a small jointed rapala off our two dipseys. The marks were on the bottom and small marks high. For the first hour had zero hits. Had the boards targeting the higher fish but got our first fish on a dipsey 3 setting at 75. Started changing the other rods to target the fish on the bottom. Was fishing in 35-42fow. The next 4hrs caught our 12 fish,threw back a couple 16" fish and one short.Caught one 9" perch and no junk.Biggest was 26" and weight at cleaners was 34lbs. What caught was all four dipseys 3 setting at 75 had green spoon harness and 1 setting at 60 with purple spoon harness.Also had at least 6 fish come off bringing them in.

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