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    Don't read anything on the Jig bite is anyone still Jigging.
    If so about when does it slow down. Coming up last week of April

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    Troll then.

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    I'm going out the third week in April, I plan on jigging in the morning and probably trolling latter. I will be there three or four days but you can jig anytime.

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    Traditionally jigging is done during the spawn period, from mid-March to late April, depending on the year. This year is early, with water temps on the main reef complex (off Davis Besse nuclear plant) already at or near 42 degrees, which is when most walleye will start spawning. Bad weather (high winds) has kept the fishing to a minimum the last few weeks. Once the Lake settles and boats can get out, jigging the reefs and shallows should begin, and last until the spawning is over, this year late April. Note - with the different kinds of jig baits available today, you can jig fish year around once you learn the techniques. But you still have to be where the walleye are.

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