Bandits & Perfect 10's Bandits & Perfect 10's Bandits & Perfect 10's Bandits & Perfect 10's
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    Default Bandits & Perfect 10's

    First timer will be walleye fishing this fall on lake Erie and was wondering if Bandits and Perfect 10's are being used this time of year? What's the hot colors? If not, what is the most used method of fishing this time of season? Any help is deeply appreciated.

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    I use them both. P-10s especially when the water cools down. The Chrome and blue/Chrome Bandits have been hot for me this late Summer. You just need too buy some of each color.. So that is how I handle it. As far as how? review lots of posts from the past. There is a ton of info. Need a good graph to see the fish, and then research dive curves for the lures. I try to put the lures in the fishes zone or slightly above.
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    Agree with Kent on his assessment of the lures.The P10 are run when water is really cold.Like in the 30s.I have a few of them but I rarely get out that part of season when so cold and don't get to use them often,
    I would definitely get an assortment of bandits.They work under a wider range of water temps and I use them frequently.I would initially get some stock colors.Blue chrome,popsicle,humble bee,black head wonderbread and khaki.Then custom colors like I B frozen and pooh bear purple and chartreuse.
    Currently we are running bandits deep in this warm water.Putting on a 2oz weight after 50ft and another 100ft for 150 total.When water cools the fish are shallower and you can run your bandits with no weight.

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    P10’s are used when the water cools down because they have less “wobble” or movement that makes it easier for a more lethargic fish to connect on a strike. These are used when the trolling speeds get down to 1.0 to 1.5. Bandits can be ran at speeds close to 3.0.

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