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    I use inline boards with rattle flags and pull 40tt with no issues. I use the newer flags that have more spots for tension adjustment. I also drop the rear eye for the rattle flags arm about 3/4 of the way down to just above the black foam retainer.

    I also use power pro....I use Sam's pro release ip front and the off shore black locking clip double wrapped on the rear.......the front release allows the boards to drop back out of line when popped to clear inner boards.

    But as stated sometimes you just need to cycle to make sure your not dragging something unseen.

    I've had 10pounders swim along and not pull the flag down.

    I try to set mine where the flag is slightly down that way if it stands up I can tell the jet opened up. Learning how the flags dip in the waves when running normal......a flag not dipping in waves can indicate a fish too

    Getting the tensions right does take some tinkering
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    You will be able to “read” your boards better if you run 2 or more on the same side. The same thing with dipsys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mapleshade View Post
    Went out this evening NW of Kelleys up to the line. Around 43 fow. Marked fish mostly 20 to 33 feet. Trolling bandits with 2 Oz at 50 feet then 50 to 80 more feet behind in line boards. Just learning to troll with boards. 2 keepers and 2 little shavers. Problem was I had a hard time knowing when I had something on. Both keepers around 20”. I had 4 lines out with boards lined up best I could but I didn’t really see the boards act funny except during turns. I pulled in the boards from time to time to check and that’s when I realized I had fish on. I don’t have active flags and am thinking about adding those but have heard a few say they aren’t all that helpful.

    Any guidance for this old beginner would be appreciated. IÂ’m interested in your experiences as I gain mine.

    Go to and look at the many videos and articles there to help you with your decision to use them or not. If you already have Off Shore boards, you can get an economy kit with the parts you need to upgrade them.

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