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    For all you experienced trollers out there. I need one more line counter reel. Any suggestions on which to get. Thx

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    I use okuma cold water reels and love them

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    I gave some 30 year old Diawa Sealines which are fantastic. Solid. Not sure if they make them anymore.

    I also have the budget Okuma Magna I think they are not too bad.

    I had a couple of the Cabelas reels that came with their combo deal for like $60 or $70. STAY AWAY!

    Capt Sam Porkchop said he uses Diawa Accudepth Plus B with the double crank for over 7 years. If they hold up on a charter boat as much as he goes and as many fish that he has boated, I ordered two of them which are expected to come in this weekend.

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    I use okuma convectors and also have one cold water and can't see paying the extra money for the cold water .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joedog View Post
    I use okuma convectors and also have one cold water and can't see paying the extra money for the cold water .
    I have both the Okuma Magda Pro's and the Convectors. I bought two more reels this Spring with the new 3 rod law. Thinking the Okumas were a bit cut rate I bought 2 more expensive Diawas. The Diawas have a nice counter on them, but they do not have near the winching power and have more plastic than do the Okumas. If i were to do it over again, I would have taken the Okumas. My .02

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    We only get to troll 5-10 times a year on Erie (living in Indiana sucks) but we love our Daiwa 17 with double paddles. If we got to fish more Id probably upgrade but for what we do they are perfect

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    I have those old Diawa sealines too.Love them.One broke a couple years ago.Could not get parts so he glued it.I bought another older one on eBay for $50 and have that glued reel for backup and to help calibrate my braid reels.I bought new Diawa sealines for my buddy and they seam to be holding up so far.

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    i have the older sealine sg17lca reels with power handles that I run on the left side of the boat. I bought them used off eBay some yrs ago and they've been bulletproof. I have the newer sg17lc3b with power handles I use on the right side of the boat. can't tell a lot of difference in the reels. but I think the lc3b has a little better drag. I highly recommend the sealine reels. but I think its best to use the same brand and size reel. the Okuma connector or the Daiwa accudepth plus would be my next choice for saving money. if the price doesn't matter the tekota 300 would be my 1st choice.

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    Anybody use left hand retrieve counter reels? I have some Okumas but I was thinking about picking up a couple more, these aren't the highest quality.

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    I have 26 SG27LC's some are over 30 years old and they have had the living shit fished out of them. The only problem I ever had with them was the early ones would have the counter sight window fall off. Other than that, I have NEVER had one apart. Same with the 47 LC's, SG 47 LC's, 27H, 47H... Bullet proof. That's why the price on used ones is so high. I have a bunch of Okuma Convectors I use for copper and lead core. They're ok for the price, but I've had a couple go south on me. Shimano reels are top notch also but I don't think they are any better than the Daiwa reels, just cost more. Words of wisdom...spend your money on quality reels.

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