Fishing with Chris, Lyle, and Steve 3/12/2020 Fishing with Chris, Lyle, and Steve 3/12/2020 Fishing with Chris, Lyle, and Steve 3/12/2020 Fishing with Chris, Lyle, and Steve 3/12/2020
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    Default Fishing with Chris, Lyle, and Steve 3/12/2020

    What a start to the morning. I left the house and had running lights on my trailer. I pulled into the gas station to fill the Ranger and left the truck running. I pulled away from the gas station and noticed that my running lights went out. I blew the fuse again. This has happened twice since I picked it up. I think I have a short somewhere....sigh.

    So, then, I drive over to the Country Inn and Suites to pick up my crew and realized that I never confirmed where they were staying when I talked to them yesterday. I just assumed they were there, because that's where they usually stay when Chris brings his own boat over from Wisconsin. Luckily, I was early as usual, and found out that they were at the Commodore Perry Inn, over by my house. I didn't want to drive all the way across town again with no trailer lights, so I called Chris and told him where I was and he said, "No problem. We'll meet you at Big Bopper's". That helped. Apparently, I'm out of practice....I usually confirm where they are staying so I know where to pick them up.

    After a hearty breakfast, we headed over to Catawba to launch. The launch was busy, just as the night was lifting and the sky began to slowly brighten.
    It was a cloudy morning with a very slight ESE wind and the air temp was 41 degrees. The water clarity is cleaner than expected west of the islands, and pockets of fish are holding in the slightest of stained waters.

    We had a steady slow bite at D can early this morning and went 8 for 10 there in a couple hours. We ran Bandits on the starboard side and P-10's on the port side again. Bandits were run anywhere from 63' to a 100 back (unassisted), while the P-10's did their thing at 20/20 and 30/30 with a 1oz snap weight. Speed was 1.1-1.2mph.

    We discussed staying out there or going back to the south to an area we both hit yesterday... (they were with Capt Kevin yesterday). We chose the later. The set up was the same. The colors were mostly white bodied baits with oranges, greens, purples and black.

    At one point we decided to try going faster rather than slower and I upped the power level on the Ulterra to 5 1/2-6 which pulled the boat at 1.5-1.6mph. Boom! A double within seconds of the baits speeding up! A P-10 at 30/30 pulled a porker 28" that we guesstimated at 9+ and maybe even 10 pounds because of the size of her belly.

    To make this long story short....we ended up with 21 of our 24 fish limit. We also missed 8 more that came unbuttoned before the board was off.

    The guys had good time, and so did I. They are a lot of fun to fish with. Chris left me a bunch of Venison breakfast sausage too and everyone knows that makes me happy!

    I'm not scheduled for another trip until Sunday the 22nd with my a new customer, Pete Petros.

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls
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    Love the reports! Gonna try and head that way from Indiana Tuesday and Wednesday! You have me all pumped up! Haha

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    Thanks for the reports they really help the ones coming from out of town they at least let you know what’s going on. I don’t like to fish behind someone’s hotspot and like to find my own fish but can use a lot of your info to find other schools of fish I was out west of Catawba ramp 2.5-3 miles and found a small horseshoe contour that seemed to have active fish got limit in 2&1/2 hours smallest 21” largest 26.5” all came on Bandit with orange head, green back, and black spots 100’ back.

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