Fishing on Jon's boat;Submerged Docks at Foxhaven Fishing on Jon's boat;Submerged Docks at Foxhaven Fishing on Jon's boat;Submerged Docks at Foxhaven Fishing on Jon's boat;Submerged Docks at Foxhaven
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    Like others, not trying to stir the water here. I will say that any change in weather can be attributed to global warming in some way. The planet isn’t happy right now. When we’re seeing 40 degree weather in June that air is likely pushed down by warm air up in the arctic. This is starting to become less what scientists say and more “just look at the ice.” Both poles are rapidly losing ice. The Great Barrier Reef just saw 2 bleaching events that killed 50% of the coral. “Oh half the GBR died? Nah, happens all the time....” (It doesn’t). Whether it’s true or not, I think the time as at least come to ask yourself, “if this IS true, what simple changes can I make to help?” I feel the same way about all the plastic in the ocean. What simple changes can I make to help? I live in Toledo and won’t put chemicals down on my lawn for the sake of the lake. Yea, I have some weeds but I’m a typical younger guy that believes the grass we plant in our yards wasn’t supposed to grow here anyway so it’s like everyone is putting zebra mussels in their yards and being proud of it. My belief is the time has come to make some changes at least to take care of the plastic in the oceans. Also, to reduce carbon emissions and pollute as little as possible. Just my thoughts. Not saying anything IS true, but it could be and if so we’re all in a world of trouble.

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    If you remember a few years back, when the lake was at a low point, the "scientists" said that low water levels would be the new normal. They claimed that increasing global temperatures would cause a reduction of the yearly ice cover on lake Erie. This would in turn cause increased evaporation and thus reduce lake levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eriedeerie View Post
    The warming has been going on in lock-step with the amount of carbon being put into the atmosphere since the idustrial rev. You can literally graph it. Cycles are always present yes, but if you dont believe man has an influence, I guess you dont believe in science either. There is no controversy among scientists. Only politicians.
    As a scientist I say amen to that. There is no controversy among thousands of scientists worldwide

    True, global warming and climate change and increased CO2 in the atmosphere doesn't cause any single weather event or any single cycle. But over time it does move the trend lines, increase frequency and intensities of events, change the temp highs and lows, and change long term weather patterns. One only has to go to Glacier National Park where the glaciers are mostly gone, go to Antarctica to see the glaciers falling into the sea, go the the North pole to see the ice and permafrost melting, go to the west where species are dying in their normal growing ranges. It is sad to see people who have never cracked a physics book think they know more than scientists who have dedicated lives and careers to the scientific study of the problem. One can debate what to do about it and how to solve it. But to deny it exists is to stick ones head in the sand, ignore the natural world around you, and waste precious time we don't have. I for one don't want to lay the world that will bring on my kids and grandkids.

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    To assume someone has not read, or studied specific subjects without knowing them is not good form, and does reflect areas of other problems.

    Can't we just discuss fishing?
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