3/21/19- Launched from Catawba @ 2:30 started @ H can, nothing impressive. Moved up to G, getting better but didn't stop. Once we were between G&F the screen lit up! We were about a 1/2 mile outside a pack of boats all by ourselves so we set gear. It was cloudy and hazy and the lake was flat. We just got the lines set and both rods on the port side pulled back. We landed that double and made a steady pick till we had #8. Since it was only 6pm and we still had plenty of time we caught #8 4 more times looking for a 10#+ until we called it quits @7. We kept changing up programs and trying new things. Our successful program consisted of P10s 60 back unassisted and Bandits 20, 40 & 80 unassisted. Whites lures ruled the day except we the sun popped, cheap sunglasses was on fire!