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    Default Radio Channel Western Basin

    Just curious, is there a radio channel that is popular for fishing chatter in the western basin? I have only monitored 16 emergency channel. Would be nice to hear from others how the bite is going around me on the water.

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    I normally use 68. There's a decent amount of traffic on there.

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    Depends of the area you are fishing. Some marinas have a certain channel they use. Some of the guys use 79. My marina in general is on 71.
    68 tends to be a Port Clinton and islands channel.
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    72 for me and most of my friends, less chatter and we are honest about how we are doing.

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    Typically the rule of thumb for me in the western Basin has been channel 68 is what the Casters use and channel 79 is what the Trollers use, either one will be busy but that is the general rule of thumb. Like others have mentioned certain marinas and groups of boats have their different channels they monitor, in some cases these are tuned in between regular frequencies that make them harder to find. Most charters will monitor their secret channels as well as 79 or 68 depending on how they are fishing.

    This does change depending on what end of the lake you are on, I believe in the eastern end of the lake channel 68 is used more commonly then anything. I believe there are 2 channels in the western basin due to the sheer numbers of fishing boats out there, I am sure the guys casting don't want to spend all day hearing trolling boats asking each other what their intentions are and could you give me room conversations that happen a lot on 79.

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    79 is the most popular channel for the western basin. but there are a lot of the older guys that use 68. if you have scan on your radio set it to monitor both channels. the central basin channel 68 is the best channel.

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