alumacraft track system alumacraft track system alumacraft track system alumacraft track system
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    I just purchased a 2009 Alumacraft 205 Trophy and am curious how others have installed track and what brand you have used to accommodate the storage compartments that open on the top of the gunnel. Thanks in advance for your help

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    Good question. Why Alumacraft went this way on their gunwale is a real head-scratcher.

    Fisherman buy these boats. Fisherman who troll in particular buy the Trophy line. Fisherman who troll use track systems.

    After they started doing the top-load gunwale storage, Alumacraft started offering a 'Russian Package' that basically eliminated the top-load and reverted back to the side load. But they've since done away with that option. I wanted to buy a 2015 Trophy 205 with the Russian package, but the gunwale issue was a deal breaker for me. I ended up buying a used 2005 Alumacraft Trophy 200 instead. They were still making the side-entry gunwale storage back then. Sorry Alumacraft.

    Anyway, there are ways I have been told, to use the track system still. I've been told that using risers is the work around if you want to use a single, long track. However, not sure the risers are high enough to get complete clearance for you to open the top gunwale fully. Others I've heard are just face mounting the plates, sacrificing the storage completely. Or the other option might be to use several of the shorter length plates, mounting around the top door entry. I know that Cisco will do custom sizes for you.

    I realize I haven't answered your question completely, hopefully someone on this site has a good solution for you! The Trophy is such a great big lake boat!
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    Remember you don't have to run track it depends on what else is installed or what room is left to install on. For just rod holders you can get a triple or quad that either will use a gimbal or a Mounting block. Track is great if you switch around from riggers to holders but you really don't have to go that direction. I really wish I would of just put a tree with a block mount because most of the time trolling I use inline boards or Dipsy divers. A buddy has trees and I just like the ease of reading rods as well as less congestion along the rail. His are forward so we can net up the rail instead of only behind the boat (helps when the waves are up). I know tracks are most often used but just wanted to give you an option.

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