Fishing with Marc Cassel 6/23/16 Fishing with Marc Cassel 6/23/16 Fishing with Marc Cassel 6/23/16 Fishing with Marc Cassel 6/23/16
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    Default Fishing with Marc Cassel 6/23/16

    Again...sorry for the lack of blogging...things get in the way sometimes.

    Yesterday, we ran to Canada again. Marc, who has been fishing with me for three years now, came down by himself, because his fishing partner had to back out at the last minute, due to medical issues. I invited Marc to stay here at my house, so between fishing and trying to keep him entertained, I had no time to blog.

    Stopped at Big Bopper's for breakfast and found Mark Bellissimo (aka: Trapper) there having breakfast alone. He has been mating for Capt Bob Hayner on the "Eagle Eye" lately, and said Bob had cancelled his trip the night before, because iWindSurf had shown strong NE winds forecasted. But, by morning, the forecast had backed off drastically, and was going to be a flat calm lake. So, Trapper was free for the day. I invited him to fish with us, so we could run a couple more lines, and knowing Trapper runs Off Shore boards on his own boat, it would be like having a first mate for the day....He said, "Yes"....woot! woot!

    We headed up to the west side of Pelee...stopping to call in our entry at the line. The customs agent asked for the usual...boat registration number, my work permit number, and the names, birth dates, and either passport number, birth certificate number, or enhanced driver's lic number of all my passengers.

    Trapper has been over the line enough that they already had his info...but, Marc didn't have one of the three documents they want, and when I told them he only had a Wisconsin driver's license, she said, "Well, I can make a note of it on here, but it's good for only one day". I said, "Any chance of making that two days? He's fishing with me for two days". She said, "I can make it good until the 26th, but if you get checked, and they decide they want to take you in until they can verify his citizenship, they can." I said, "Thanks", and left it at that.

    So, if you're planning a trip to Canadian water, it's best to have one of those three documents to make it easy.

    We headed up the west side of Pelee and fished 28-32' of water...just turning and turning on a pod of fish we found that were willing to bite after a full moon and a Mayfly hatch. We started the morning with harnesses, but after one pass, made the decision to put the Bandits back on.

    On a tip from Capt Kevin Swartz, who was up there the day before, pulling Bandits, he said had luck running them 75 back, and 30/30 with a 1oz snap weight, so we set up running 75' back, 30/30 with a 1oz, 30/30 with a 2oz, 30/30 with a 3oz and 40/40 with 2oz snap weight. Every presentation caught fish at one point or another. The colors that caught fish yesterday were: Khaki, Blue/Chrome, Perch, Sucker Punch, Eridescent, Taco Salad, and Black Headed Wonder Bread. So, you can see the colors are all over the place. Khaki and Sucker Punch did the best though.

    Marc and Mark had a good time and landed 10 nice eaters between them. They averaged 3 pounds, which are perfect eaters in my book.

    Marc decided to reschedule for two more perch trips this September instead of going out today with NE winds and a big MayFly hatch, so I'm cleaning the boat today.

    Tomorrow's trip is another trip to Canada with three guys, and the weather looks perfect. I don't know if I'll be east or west of Pelee tomorrow, but we'll be up there somewhere. Good luck!

    Stay tuned...

    Capt Juls
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    Captain Julia "Juls" Davis
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    Good report Capt
    I have noted the requirements for crossing, thanks for the reminder.
    It's going to be a good weekend

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