I have a 1988 Mercury Black Max 200 currently on my Fishmaster 210. Bough engines as a pair in 2019 bolted to a skid out of storage for the past 13 years. Came with inspection and compression testing. Changed thermostats deleted oil injection (i run mixed fuel) and have been using it since october of 2022. I want the extended range of the new 4 stroke and the convienence of running my kicker off the same fuel tank. The marina I had install the motor on originally bought the other one of the pair and the owner has it on a boat of his. I have never had a single problem with it whatsoever. I got lucky and I'm guessing these we hardly ran at all. The story is the original owner traded them in for new 4strokes when they came out and never saw water since until last year. Anyway I'm having a new 250 put on my boat in a month or so and am going to sell this one. I can send pictures or possibly video. May make another trip or two to Erie before my 250 comes in. Could possibly go for a ride or let someone check it out on the water. This motor is perfect to re-power and older boat without spending a fortune. I would like to get 3500. Buyer will pay shipping. I would consider delivery if someone had a way to get it out of my truck. Travis (574)336-0348