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    I'm getting together a group of folks from around Columbus to charter a boat and go walleye fishing. There are lots of charters out there. Can any of you recommend one or two you would choose if you were setting something up? Enquiring minds want to know!

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    LongBeachHogHunter Guest


    I have not been on any of the local charters myself because I have my own boat. But I have heard good things about Good Time Charlies and Hit and Miss Chaters, both out of Wild Wings Marina...(although Good Time Charlies may be in Green Cove right next door). Either way if you are going to fish the western basin these might be good places to start.

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    boob Guest

    Default Thanks!

    for the info!

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    ya lesherle charter out of bradford has a charter went out on there charter two years ago and had 7 man limite in two and a half hours

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    jbrown Guest


    I would recommend K-Lynn Charters out of Wild Wings. Chris Holmes is the guy that runs it, he is one of the best I've seen and I know him personally... he's a great guy. I've seen other charter captains go to him many times to find where the fish are at. Only problem is he may already be booked for the season. His charter is very affordable so it's worth looking into I think.

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    Cutting Edge Charters new guy this year just bought a beautify 32ft marinette fishermen last year, great boat to fish from and nice ride,the capt has fished lake erie since a kid and knows how to get them

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    Default put in bay

    will be heading to the bay june 4th empty, anyone interested in a ride to the bay ,i`ll be leaving from mienkes west

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    K-Lynn Charters is out of Wild Wings Marina.
    K-Lynn is now operating 3 Sportcraft boats with two other captains that love to fish. I'm one of the captains for Chris Holmes and we are looking forward to new customers for 2009 and into the future. Chris ,Dean and myself run mainly weekend charters and we can run some during the week for those who like some peace out on the like as I do. We will start in mid April for walleye and start perch fishing in late August till mid Oct.
    Customers may contact me through this website to book your fishing trip.
    We also offer lodging for those driving from afar or just wanting a longer get away.The best dates will go fast so call soon.

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    K-Lynn Charters is now running a 3 boat charter service for 2009. Docked at Wild Wings Marina. We are captains that love to fish and want to share our passion for fishing for walleye and yellow perch. Dates are available as early as mid April through the summer.
    Website is in process. Lodging available also. Fully rigged with tackle and rods for your use. Neat and clean boats for an enjoyable day.
    Contact Captain Chris Holmes at 419-225-9997 or419-234-3533 for booking and info or contact me at [email protected] , Capt. Greg Hoyt

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