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    Default Newbie to the forum and Erie

    Hello all!

    Looking to start fishing the west side of Erie for the first time next weekend andcould use some advice since I really only fish Walleye in Michigan lakes 10-12ft (I am in Ohio). So I have questions about my rigs, boat and fishing style when it comes to fishing Walley in Erie.

    My rigs are 6.6-7 ft medium or medium light rods with size 30 spinning reels spooled with 8lb braid or fluorocarbon.
    -Are these going to be too light?

    Fishing style is trolling (preferred) using some sort of number 7 or 8 Rapala such as an xRap, ShadRap etc. If that isn't producing then using floating jigs off the bottom with leaches straight down and slip bobbers. I do have planer board setup but have never learned how to use them.
    -Are the crankbaits to small?
    -Will leaches work?
    -How deep to need to expect to fish?

    Boat is a Lund Tyee 5.3 (17.5) deep V. 90 main and 10 kicker. Great boat and have only had concern about being in the water once at Lake ST Clair watching the waves crash break walls shooting in the air 10-15 ft.

    -Should I have any concerns in Erie? I know that 20 mph winds are going to make some fairly bigwater but like I said I’ve never fished Erie so don’t know what to expect for sure.

    Since Im going in bigger water and it appears a few to several miles out I am going to get a handheld marine radio.
    -Any recommendations on a reliable one that wont break the bank?

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    PatSea. Ok? Not sure what that has to do with my questions though?

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    TreeFrawg, sorry about that confusing reply. It was intended for a different thread. Not sure how it ended up on your thread.
    Anyway, your crankbaits will work. One of the most popular baits throughout the season is the deep diving Bandit. My favorite color is blue chrome. We're about to start with trolling crawler harnesses also. I would troll with your planer boards. Learn to use them. There are so many walleye in the western basin that drift and cast has made a comeback. Cast crawler harnesses or the old Erie Dearies.
    I would not fear Lake Erie but I certainly respect her, especially with winds out of the east. Watch the weather forecasts and check the weather when out on the water.
    You certainly need a VHF radio on Erie. I would suggest you get a base mount 25 watt radio with a good Shakespeare antenna. A handheld (5 watts) is good as a backup. It's all about range. The fixed mount can transmit about 15 miles or more depending on antenna heights and conditions, whereas the handheld will go 5 miles maybe. Big difference when you need help. Also, make sure you have all the required safety gear.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the info..

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