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Thread: Catabwa launch

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    Lake and harbors are ice free...for now. Saw the ramp at Catawba today and it looks nice. Be careful out there. Cold water is bad news if there is a problem.

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    A week late on the post, but figured most would still enjoy. Stopped at the Catawba State Park Launch ramp on my way back to Columbus after Christmas with family in Toledo area. What a memorable Lake day.

    Stopped into New Wave Scuba shop to pick up some equipment and talk local. Then headed home - but the Lake was so calm - not a ripple - so I headed to Catawba. Took a bunch of photos including the one below. Warm, dead calm, just a real notable day for late December. Talked to the guys fishing on the pier. Just general fishing talk. There were a dozen or so vehicles with boat trailers in the parking lot. Boats were coming in every 8-10 minutes. Stopped and talked to one on the way out. Nice setup - dedicated fishermen. They had tolling gear but after stopping several places they caught a limit west of Rattlesnake Island - jigging! The water was so calm they could keep the boat on spot using the GPS and trolling motor. They also caught some real big white bass.

    The water temperature near "ice fishing" temperature so the fish are in winter mode no matter what the above water weather is like. I'd keep that in mind.

    Let's hope the weather changes after this next week+ of way unseasonable temperatures.

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