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Fishing Lure Idea

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Hello Fellow Fishermen!

Iím making a post because I need your help with something. Iíve been working on an idea for fishing lures like crank baits to solve the problem of getting snagged and needed some feedback. I have 4 questions and if you could put a response it would greatly help. You can just answer in the comment section.

1. If you knew there was a lure that would allow you to retrieve the the body of it back but leave the hooks on the snagged boulder or log, would you be interested in buying that product?

2. Letís say a normal lure goes for $8 today, how much more would you be willing to pay for a lure that has a mechanism to get it back?

3. How much do you think you spend on lures in a year?

4. What brand of lures do you fish with?

If you answered no, could you also explain why?

All responses are appreciated and this helps a lot! Thank you!
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