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capt pete

Perch Fri April 15th & Sat April 16th

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Due to the strong wind Friday, I had a friend suggested trying for perch back in East Harbor. There were what I think are called Terns, ( white gulls with black heads) all over the harbor grabbing shiners. We positioned ourselves over the minnow and the perch started right away. Granted there were all sizes, but no matter what size they were fighting hard. I probably threw back about 40, but managed to keep 25 nice perch. Saturday was the same thing, except the action was a bit slower.
Great place to go on a windy day. I talked to several people and they said its a year around thing back in East Harbor for perch.
Several years ago, I was fishing on one of Tibbels headboats along with at least 15 other anglers. All were live baiting with emerald shiners, except me. Once the boat anchored, I began jig-casting a 1/10 oz Sonic Baitfish tipped with a tiny piece of worm. After about 15 minutes, half the boat stopped fishing to see what I was using. About 9 out of 10 casts produced a yellow perch or a walleye. Seeing was believing that day and most other days when I venture onto a perch boat. The technique is simple...cast , let the lure hit bottom then gently bottom-bounce the metal jig back to the boat. This is exactly how I fish on a walleye boat. Specifically for walleyes, I will also cast with an Erie Shiner weight-forward spinner. Incidentally, the more modern record walleye caught was by 11 yr old Will Tibbels. It was a 14 lb walleye caught thru the ice on a silver Sonic BaitFish.
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