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    can anyone tell me when the eyes will start to go in to the deeper water and how shallow are they know went yesterday and they werent hitting that well

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    queballhead4 Guest


    Been fishing out of Lorain (hot waters) from 38 FOW to 45 Fow...
    pretty much north of Beaver marina...
    limited 2 of 5 trips, been nice size ones this year. 23 inches or bigger...biggest was 31 1/2.
    using reef runner, worm harnesses, and stinger spoons. 30 jets and med dipseys. Color varies from day to day...depending on how sunny or dirty the water is..
    (have been sworn to secrecy on the exact color of reef runner we have been catching most on....lol)

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    queballhead4 Guest


    But as far as when they go deep....not real sure, just thaught my last post may help with you catching now, going out again tomorrow the 15th. let ya know how we did.

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    Default eye movement

    hay thanks i have been going out of walnut i have been in 38 fow water and got four one time then the next time we went didnt get any that was on the 29 of june havent back again working on the house

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    queballhead4 Guest


    well eye, just got back from todays trip, seems as though they are starting to move out of that area.....were in 50 FOW NE of hot waters(lorain)
    were a bit more east of lorain, sorry did not get gps #'s..todays hot lure was well......
    its that secrete one, but i am guessing it should be ok to let it out........
    to all who read this post, the hottest lure we have found for this year is the reef runner 700 series.....color.........BARE NAKED. hotest friggin lure out right now...seems to catch em 20" or bigger, todays nice one was 27" and 7 pounds. most were 22" or a lil better
    Good luck on trying to find one in a store.....Gander mountain is out as well as Cabelas in WV. But its a gotta have for next year.
    Have Fun with em....my arms are sore from todays catch...
    good luck to all...

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    queballhead4 Guest


    i have a correction to the lure i posted.....its an 800 series deep runner
    here is a link to reef runners website on that peticular lure

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