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    With it being the peak of the walleye season out of fairport, i was able to fish friday & saturday. It was a good weekend, weather & fish-wise. I fished friday from 3-10 & saturday from 7-10. Friday we were able to pull 15 walleyes, 7 perch & a steelhead while saturday produced 9 walleyes. We lost an additional 2-3 walleyes a trip, generally due to hooks pulling out although one did snap off, joining a few others wearing face metal over the past few years.

    Fridays' bite was generally on orange/silver nk-28's fished behind big dipsy's at 175 out on a 3.5 setting. All the 40 jet's/stinger combo's off of the boards took was perch. Everything was deep and the fishing was very slow until 9 pm when all hell broke loose and i think we landed 12 fish in an hour. Only missed a limit by 3 fish which we had on but they came unbuttoned.

    With it being so slow friday afternoon we opted for a later trip on saturday. A different day and the fish were going almost immediately after setting up. They were suspended so the diver's were not working well but there was a steady bite on the board's/stingers.

    I was alone all weekend as no one opted to fish out deeper, how much this port has changed over the last 20 years. I remember fishing the mentor cardinal catch and all the boats when people actually fished out of this port. I was north of the river mouth in 65-71 fow, i generally hit dead water at the low-light peak time when i ventured into 73 fow. It's about 6-7 miles out of port, not a bad run on a flat lake.

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    Default Thanks for info!

    Thanks for posting your info on your fishing trips. That is what this board is for and I know a lot of you guys are reading these posts, I can see the number of times these posts are viewed, so come on guys, post your info whether you had a good day or bad. It is simple to register and the more info we share, the better we are all going to do.

    A perch report: some friends were out Monday morning (July 11) NE of Conneaut harbor, think they said 57 feet of water, 120 perch in about an hour and a half. First two caught that morning by a young girl were 13.5 inchers! Spreaders did not work, crappie type rig worked. Shiners.

    Good luck fishing...I will be on vacation the week of the 18th and will be out there weather and life permitting.

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    Hoping to get out of Fairport this weekend. Haven't had much luck lately. I would appreciate any help anyone would be willing to give in terms of the following:

    Direction out of the harbor
    Depth of water
    Time of day
    Set up (dipsy's, spoons, etc.)

    Thanks, guys! You can get me on Ch. 68 all weekend. Always willing to share info (unlike some)!

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    My last trip out was a week ago from this past Sat. It was very calm & I think I only got 4 fish. It was the same general region as the previous week. I was fishing 51-53 North line & 17-13 on the West line. With fish moving East, I like to fish off Perry this time of year although I was told some Charters heading west. The Cleveland hole is a long run. That is 4-6 miles North of Harbor Mouth & straight North to 4 miles East. 71 FOW seemed best, it was spotty in 73.
    40 Jets with small stingers off the big boards worked best but the big dipsy's with orange spoons also took fish at 175 back on a 3 1/2 setting. My 15 fish day was mainly dipsy's so run both if you can & see what works. I don't use harnesses. When you get a fish, go back through that water, especially if you get a double hook-up. Good luck.

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    Thank you for the tips! I will probably be out Sat or Sun morning if you want to hit me up on 68

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    I almost always fish evenings. Sat looks nice but I will have to work in the AM so plan on getting out around 3-4 PM to fish the evening bite. I will head out about 8 miles and end up off Perry.

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