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    jshelton Guest

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    Is anyone having any luck trolling for eye's yet. If so how deep are you? Trolling spinners or worm harness? How fast?
    I'm going out ( weather permitting ) thursday for the first time this year. I was planning on going out of Grand River to about 50ft and then playin it by ear but if anyone can tell me whats been working that would be great. Jay

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    Don't think I would mess around that deep. Fish as far west as you can and no deeper than 30'. Slow speeds 1.3 to 1.8 or so.

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    beaglerboy Guest


    50' of water is too deep to be fishing this time of the year.I usually go no more than 25' and have good luck.I havent been able to get out this year, but from what I hear people are getting walleyes west of the Grand.I also know that people are catching 3 or 4 while perch fishing out of Lorain.I hope this is helpful and good fishing. -Spencer

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    Erieboy75 Guest

    Talking Beaglerboy??

    yo, Beaglerboy! If the wind ever goes south, stop over some night & we'll see if we can catch a big girl. I've got 2 nice ones, but the east wind has not been good to me the past several nights.

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