Conneaut perch fishing Conneaut perch fishing Conneaut perch fishing Conneaut perch fishing
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    Wink Conneaut perch fishing

    Went out friday 7/2/10 we got 70lbs of perch in 6 hrs for 2 guys
    and 3 kids 95-100 perch lost count waves 2' or less in 62' of water on the 32 .8 line west . Also i'm hearing good numbers of perch in on the 32 line west in 44' of water fish seem to be moving
    deeper through out the day they came through in waves 10-15 min
    of nothing then 3-4 rods down at one time did that all day.

    Good luck

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    Wink Up dated perch report 7-9-10

    53'-57' still east on the 32.4-32.7 line west close to the pa line
    early bite before 10am . If you have salted shinners bring them or
    you might be sol last week they were running low by 8:30am

    sorry this report is so late but i was getting ready to come up myself.

    Stay out of the pack and even to the north east of the pack after 9am best of luck.

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    Smile Up dated perch report

    Went out for walleye this weekend but the guys perch fishing did not do that well out in the deeper water that i told you about in my previous report. (but) their is good news the guys were limiting out just out side the break wall to the north east about 1/2 mile out and also to the west north west of the lighthouse many good reports of limits were reported on the radio. ALL IN CLOSE
    Good luck..
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    Thumbs up Up dated perch report 7 -16-10

    Perch report is they are still picking up perch n-e of the lighthouse in 38-42' and also out n-e and n-w of the light house in 52'fow .it is also an early bite it's been shutting down or at least slowing up by 10:30 am but picking back up around 5pm.

    Also if you have frozen shinners you might want to bring them bait has been running low by 8:30 am at the bait shops

    good luck
    we are

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    Thumbs up Up dated perch report

    ON 7/18/10

    Perch were out to the to the n-w of the light house in the 50' area also my buddy was out in 58' -62' to the n-e on the 32.56 line west they were out at 6:30 am and back home by 12 pm with
    3 tickets he told me they got some 11-12" fish but most were
    8-9"not as big as they were couple weeks back .

    Good luck
    we are
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    Unhappy Last report

    As many of you i enjoy reading reports and as of late i feel as if i am reporting to my self until i see that i am not the only one that has posting i will keep it to my self . I had over 800 people read this report and not 1 person place a report of there own. For the non members it is easy to sign up only takes 5 mins well

    good luck and i will see you on the water.

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    I hear what you are saying, and maybe the half dozen of us who regularly post on here should just exchange emails LOL. Haven't been perch fishing yet this year, but when I do, you will be the first to know! As always, "First One's Out" on Ch. 68


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    Default new to central area

    hey I'm new to the central basin, I fish west basin just thought I would tell you. Im coming up 23-25 for perch I'll post on how we do on monday. It will be my only post because it will be the only time I fish this year.

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    Basspro Guest


    Thank you for the post jason, i check it out every day. Do you fish out of the cleveland area, is that the lighthouse you talk about?

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    Default to bass pro

    No i fish out of conneaut and ashtabula the perch fishing is doing real good over here.
    We were up on wednesday out for walleye did not perch fish .
    But alot of guys had real good reports and they were about 2 1/2-3 1/2miles out north of the light house.

    Up at snugg harbor they had 5-6 guys getting there perch cleaned
    all limits.
    If you come over this way let me know i will see if i can't put you on some fish.

    Good luck

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