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    BOB1LMBR Guest

    Question Anyone

    Anyone headed out of Fairport or Geneva tomorrow? Am or Pm? What do you guys think about going lost cause?

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    perchhunter Guest

    Default going out

    I'm head out 1st thing sunday am.I go out of E 72 cleveland did well last sunday
    65 perch 3 hours

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    perchhunter Guest

    Default name of boat

    ( Anger Management)

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    Thumbs up perch ?

    what depth are the perch in this time of year

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    perchhunter Guest

    Default perch

    We had good luck again at light house at E.55 cleveland. We where about 100 yards from rocks if you have NOT fish this area befor thier is a cable in about 30 to 50 yards from rocks you'll get hang up and sanged a lot May even have to cut angor. We took 45 nice perch on Sunday 10 1/2-12 1/2in.good luck

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