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    Hey Gentlemen,
    My name is Bob and I have just got a boat this winter it is a 19' thompson. I have spent the last weeks out fitting it. Got a big john mast and super ski boards over 1500 in tackle and 600.00 in rods I think I have a shot or at least I will look like it. How soon do you guys get out there? I am thinking maybe two or three weeks. Maybe start shallow, who knows?
    Will take any corrective critism if you have any?

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    well your on the right track, you need gps but sounds like you got the right start , i would wait till water warms up around shore line then go from there good luck where are you out of ???

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    I will be out of Geneva, or fairport, could go Ashtabula as well. I do have a gps allthough not on my boat yet I got a Lowrance combo unit chartplotter, fish finder, and gps all in one. The guys at Gander Mountain said it was one of the best it has hd and well we will see. I think I have everything I need I am just ancy to get out I was again hoping in a couple weeks.

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