went straight out to 63 FOW trolled North 2.5-2.7 zero fish
at 72 FOW turned North West waves from North East
over next 2 1/2 hours landed 6 walleye all at 72-73 FOW
walleye 19 21 21 22 23 26
used Chartreuse also known as Yellow Bandits
Chartreuse and Rootbeer also known as Yellow with Brown on top worked best
used 5 oz weights
started using shorter 3-4 foot leaders noticed worked just as good
this is the same report for all of September
it is only worth it if you are going out to 72 FOW or deeper
there are a lot of larger fish near bottom
constant 2 footers lots of chop and rolling 3 footers every 30 minutes
at 53 FOW there are always bigger waves 4-6 footers YES THEY DO CONCERN ME