Was out most of the day Thurs. Fishing wasn't great and watching the search for the missing fisherman was down right depressing. Water close to shore from Turtle to past Besse is chocolate milk. Reefs had better water. Stained but maybe 2' visibility. We started at Locust. Only marked a few fish and never saw one caught although there were plenty of boats there. Left there and went to cone. Fished there by ourselves. Much better marks, but fish were suspended. Next went to crib. Marked fish there as well. Some on bottom some half way up. Caught fish there, but was no where near fast and furious. Saw a few netted, but not many. Also fished Toussaint with about the same results as Crib, but fish were smaller. Lost 15 fish today and all but one of the ones we caught were on the stinger. Threw about every color at them, but only got them on white.