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    Up until the last couple times when I went out I have always been using snap swivels to attach my crankbaits. So after reading some post from guys that are just using a simple snaps instead of a snap swivel I decided to try that. So when I was out this past Saturday I had some major issues with the line twisting so bad that I couldn't even reel it in. Have any of you experienced that? The only change I made was the snap and I've only been pulling crankbaits.

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    It sounds like your cranks were not properly tuned or possibly you were trolling too fast for the particular crank.

    Make sure your snap is round and big enough for your bait.

    We only use snaps, as we feel it gives the bait more action. We sometimes will get a little twist, but nothing that can't be fixed by raising the rod and letting the bait unwind on it's own.
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    I had that issue, at times, so now I run a ball bearing snap swivel, then 4' of flourocarbon line, then the snap. That seemed to take care of that problem.

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    Thanks for the pointers Mike and Slick Willie. I had 2 different setups going, on some of the rods I had nothing but the snap connected to the crank and on some other rods I had a swivel, then a 5' fluorocarbon leader then the snap. I'm pretty sure the ones with only the snap were giving me the issues. I usually check my lures to see if they are tuned properly, but wouldn't hurt to pay more attention to that as well. I am quite sure I wasn't going too fast for the lures, I might have hit 1.8 tops for the day.

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    We only run snaps to our crankbaits.We feel that the snap provides more action to the lure than a swivel. Since you were going less tham 1.8mph, the speed most likely was not causing your twisting issues. You did say that you do tune your cranks.We do also tune ours when i first put them out to make sure running straight.What can happen sometimes, when you put the crank out,the line could get stuck on a treble.So make sure that the lure is running correctly when you put it in the water.It is also possible a fish strike could cause the line to get stuck on a treble.That would surely cause the line and lure to twist.As for leaders with cranks,most of the best fishermen agree that leaders are not necessary trolling cranks.They say can run a hi vis braid straight to crank and catches same as flourocarbon.

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