10/3 perch-a-Palouza! 10/3 perch-a-Palouza! 10/3 perch-a-Palouza! 10/3 perch-a-Palouza!
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    Default 10/3 perch-a-Palouza!

    Again today there were a couple packs. One SW of green. The other I joined S/SW of rattlesnake. I didn’t get started till 11:30, so I didn’t think it would be to good. Had my 30 by 3:00. Nice fish 9-12” for the most part. A couple shorts that swallowed hooks. About 10 throw backs that were short. No junk fish at all. They did prefer whole minnows today even though they were the frozen variety! Just a bare crappie rig. Had 3 double ups with the best being a 10” and a 12”. Honestly thought it was a sheep for a minute. Back at it tomorrow morning.

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    Thanks for the many posts, Billy Boy....much appreciated as there has not been much chatter this year. The weather has been outstanding since Friday. I took an old friend, his son and son's friend out of Sandusky last Saturday. Hit south passage (3 depths, 3 small packs of boats) and marked a few spots. Caught 3 perch in 2 hours (8am - 10am) and did not notice any other boats pulling anything....not one. Grabbed a perch basket and beer at the Pump on Kelleys and then moved off Marblehead and saw that nobody was pulling anything there either (again, did not notice even 1 perch being pulled in). Moved off Cedar Point beach where I had up-and-downs on lunkers a few years back in October....nothing. I have been hearing good success off G can, around Green and Rattlesnake. But, as I'm out of Sandusky, I have been trying to find some good spots in my area without having to motor an hour. Marblehead and West/NW of Kelleys seems to be hit or miss. I'll keep trying until end of this month. Again, thanks for all of your contributions!

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