New coast guard rule New coast guard rule New coast guard rule New coast guard rule
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    Default New coast guard rule

    just in case you have not heard, USCG now requires all boats under 26 to USE a engine cut off while under way. My understanding is it does not need to be used at trolling speed or slower.

    Better clip them lanyards folks!
    U.S. Coast Guard Announces New Law Requiring Use of Engine Cut-off Switches | National Safe Boating Council

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    Thanks for the heads up on that

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    I've always had one. Not sure how they could enforce wearing it.

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    I'm grandfathered. My boat old. Lol

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    [QUOTE=Wally;71646]I'm grandfathered. My boat old. Lol[/QUOTE

    Me too cause I am old. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    I'm grandfathered. My boat old. Lol[/QUOTE

    Me too cause I am old. LOL
    I had to get old and wait for the kids to move out before I could afford a boat.

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    Not sure either how they'd enforce this?

    When I'm running I'm in my seat, tether is down far below the gunnel and within 4 inches of my torso. I typically only connect it to me when I'm on the boat by myself. But there is no way that the CG would be able to tell if I am wearing it or not.

    As soon as I slow down to trolling speed and am able to leave my chair, it's not needed anyway.

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    I've had bass boats that move pretty fast. You should wear it depending on the boat. My old aluminum deep V Sea nymph only gets up to 35 mph. Don't think it would be necessary to wear it unless I had a medical condition and by myself. Sounds like another way for them to right some tickets and make money.

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    Default Hard knocks

    Why wouldn't you want to use a kill switch especially when your out alone?If you have a keyed ignition and 25 bucks it's easy to install and safe.But now its a law.And would be easy to check if trailering your boat to any public launch .So for 25 bucks I will comply with the law.Jet skis had kill switches yearsss ago.I to am grandfather and my boats over 30 years but has key ignition so its easy to install.I would think any grandfather's would want to be safe and return to dock safeee!

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    I too am grandfathered but the guy I bought the boat from changed out the throttle and ignition. So the kill switch cord or whatever you call it is just hanging there for me to put on. But personally I don't wear a life jacket and don't ware a belt because I need to be comfortable and have nothing to attach it to but maybe I'll find away. But I think you should wear it and practice safe boating if it saves lives. Would love to here the statistics on boat accident's from not wearing one. Like I said depends on the boat to me. But you know what they say about opinions.
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