we launched from Huron at 2 pm and headed back to the vermilion area we have been working. It was a grind this afternoon as the bite has slowed. We switched all the baits back to the chromes as the sun was out and high. The fish had all pushed down to the bottom 8' of the water column which usually means a tough bite and it was. We sent them back 165 to 140 total line out with 2 oz and had to jack rabbit the speed and do figure 8's and s turns to get the fish. We boated them their 18 walleye and it was a job this afternoon. Kind of fun to work every angle to get them going it becomes a game and i enjoy that sometimes. Great couple days with this crew. The little fellow just had to hold a fish for a mug shot even though he didn't get on the boat for the 2nd trip. This little guy filleted a bluegill he caught from shore all by himself on my board at the age of 7 and did it better than most, i was highly impressed.
8/15 day 2 with the Iowa crew-81620-012-jpg8/15 day 2 with the Iowa crew-81620-013-jpg