7/24 thru 7/26 report 7/24 thru 7/26 report 7/24 thru 7/26 report 7/24 thru 7/26 report
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    The set up was the same on every trip as follows:
    5 boards per side running bandits with 50' leads from 155 to 130 total back. Colors where green, blue and purple all with chrome base.
    1 or two dipsys on each side 1 setting back 75 and 3 setting back 100 with worm burners or double willow harnesses colors where blue and purple with chrome backs.
    speed was 2.3 to 3.0
    Everything we ran caught fish on every trip.

    Friday morning we had a crew from nevada and missouri we fished the area from the weather buoy to 4 miles south and had their limits plus two reeling in lines by 11 am it was a slow start this morning but picked up nice for us.
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    second trip friday was a crew of elevator guys from MI we launched at 3 pm and headed back out to the buoy and set up the same program. We boated them their limits and I reeled in mine and two more for my mate of walleye and a nice steel head by 6 pm. Fishing was very good this afternoon.
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    saturday morning we launched with a crew from ohio and headed to the buoy the lake was flat calm and it was beautiful out, absolutely amazing. We boated them their limits and 2 for my mate reeling up. Very good bite this morning didn't even use dipsy's, all bandits.
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    saturday afternoon we launched at 1:30 with a crew from California and ohio two sets of brothers that haven't fished together for years. We headed to the buoy and had them their limits and i reeled in mine and my mate finished his 4. The afternoon bite has been very good just continuous fish coming to the boat. we were back to the launch around 5.
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    Sunday morning we launched at 5:30 with an anniversary trip trying to beat the wind that was coming today. We headed to the buoy and had 13 fish in 45 minutes. They chose to head back in as the waves where building and starting to feel it. Very good bite this morning.
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    great fishing, great new friends and truly enjoying providing this great opportunity to enjoy Lake Erie to others. I feel blessed to be able to do it. Tight lines to you all.
    Capt Sam "Porkchop" Downing
    [email protected]
    2017 North river seahawk 25. 27' long w/yamaha 300 and 9.9 kicker. Full garmin electronics package including 12" gps and chirp sonar, radar with satellite weather and radio, autopilot for main engine and TR1 autopilot for kicker has a private porta potty and seating for 8 under the roof.

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    Thanks for taking the time to post these very detailed reports and looks like you had some very pleased fishermen and women by the smiles on there faces

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    Thanks for the report

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    I've heard references to the weather buoy and checked my map and couldn't find it. Can you tell me where it is and approximately what the nearest point of reference would be. Thanks.

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    Amazing, congrats

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    About 17 miles dead N of Vermilion

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