We launched at Mazurik at 6:30 am and headed north of Kelley’s and tried some casting and drifting. With the lack of wind we switched to trolling and caught one limit in that area and it was slow so we moved south to just out from the monument and trolled south towards Mazurik we ran bandits 45 to 65 back and bottom bouncers off the corners. We
Picked up another limit on that line with some bigger fish in the south passage speed was 2.0 mph. We picked up a nice 27” walleye today and threw back a lot of short 14” fish. Good morning to get back on the lake. Had fun with these guys today we had to work for them today.
Thursday morning trip with a Wisconsin crew-997c3696-e5ba-4166-be21-0127835aa646-jpgThursday morning trip with a Wisconsin crew-85995453-a822-40dc-a76f-e01ef5b12051-jpg