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    Great. Thank you. I launch out of catawba and was planning a trip back soon. I thought it looked farther and didnt want a long ride. But sounds like it shouldnt be but 10 or 15 mins

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    You are in the ballpark. Launching out of Catawba it should only take 15 minutes or so to get to G. It's not as far as I thought and I come out of West Harbor. If you head straight for the stack on Perry that will get you in the ballpark and then just look for boats.....

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    Thanks. I appreciate the info

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    Launched at Catawba ramps, first time, generally fish out of Cranberry. Great ramps and parking lot. Bought shiners at Jennette's. 5 scoops 3 of us fishing. In the water 1030, out 345pm. 30 keepers, pretty slow for us. We fished 5mi NE of Catawba 28fow. Brother was fishing with one hook had bling, he could not keep the sheep away, we did not fish with any bling, no sheep. Other guys did better, I wastold. Great day on our great lake.

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    Starting to get some entries in for the perch tournament. There are 15 of the 60 team limit registered. There will be lots of door prizes passed out at the weigh in and this is a 100% payback tournament. Details can be found at Perchguy

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    5285 is there a update on how many teams are in the perch tourney?

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    Registration closes at 5pm September 10th
    36 teams so far
    Register at Perchguy

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    No Reason To Cheat Perch Tournament was canceled this morning due to weather. Make up date will be Saturday Sept.25th

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    Perch Tournament has been canceled.
    However the same tournament will be rescheduled for October 9th, registration will be open until October 1st.
    Register at Perchguy

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    Tried to register it says registration is closed.

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