Super Ski Big Boards Super Ski Big Boards Super Ski Big Boards Super Ski Big Boards
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    Default Super Ski Big Boards

    Anyone have any experience with Super Ski planer boards made by Prince Mastercraft? I was able to pick up a pair dirt cheap. I gave next to nothing for them, so figured even if they don't run well - I may tinker and try to modify them. (add aluminum fins, and additional weight etc..)

    Looking for feedback from anyone who has ran these boards or has ideas how to make them better.

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    40 years ago when fisherman first started to use planer boards on Erie they were pretty popular. They made them in triples too. They dont pull out to the side nearly as far as as good wooden boards, which do not come close to the new composite boards. They are easier to retrieve though, if you move a lot. I took them to fl & used them on my old 18 Starcraft. Light to take on a trip & folded up easily. Worked pretty well on small lipped cranks & beetle spins, etc.with relatively short leads. Not much drag with those kinds of baits & 15 to 40 leads. Caught crappies, sunfish, bass & lots of chain pickerel!

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    They make good spares in case u lose a big board. I had a lot of trouble with them surging & flipping in bigger waves. You might try weighting them on the bottom somehow. It might help

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    Default Re: Super Ski Big Boards

    I used these in the double format and then the triple boards for quite a few years on Lake Michigan fishing for steelhead offshore and really liked them, best boards I ever used. They even ran well in 2 to 3 foot seas. What I liked about the triple boards is that they pulled out really well allowing me to run up to 4 lines on each side of the boat. Also the tow line hand very little belly in it, so you got really good hook ups.

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