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    New member so I apologize if this is not the correct forum. I fish Lake Erie for walleye and perch and dont mind the fun bass!

    I have several Ugly Stick and Pflueger spinning rods. I mostly would cast and jig but last season I started trolling. I still love my spinning combos but to troll for walleye this year I was debating between a couple different combos. All are trolling rods with line counting reels but I have a couple questions...

    I was debating between the Okuma great lakes trolling combo, the Ugly Stick Walleye combo and the Ugly Stick Bigwater combo 8'3".

    What struck me as odd was the 'power' on the Bigwater rod was light, different than the others which are medium/light to heavy. What's up with that? Then the Ugly Stick Walleye rod is medium/light. My regular spinning rods are all medium and the bend they give are more that enough, especially trying to troll crankbaits lol.

    You guys have any thoughts on this?

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    i would just get the wilderness trolling rods from in 8' med or med/light for 19.99 then buy good reels. i like daiwa in the 17 size but 27's are ok. i run divers and use the sealine sg17lc3b reels. here is a list of reels in order of quality as i know it.
    1 shimano tekota 300
    2 okuma coldwater 203 or 303
    3 daiwa sealine 17 or 27
    4 okuma convector 20
    4 daiwa accudepth plus its a toss up between the convector. 17 or 27
    5 okuma magda pro 20

    the magda reels are a cheap way to enter trolling. but not the quality of the other reels. really i think the daiwa sealine are better reels but the cold water gets high praise. check the prices on ebay before you buy. also check on amazon.

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    Thanks for the info! Still curious why an 8'3" trolling rod would have a 'light' action.

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    Cranberry creek marina has okuma great lakes trolling combos spooled with 30lb powerpro for $95 each. I'm pretty sure they are okuma gls rods with magda pro 20dx reals. You can quote me on that, but don't put my name on it.

    I have 7'6" medium gls, they are fine all around.

    Med lights are fine for boards and are fun landing a fish but I think a little soft for dipsy and jet 40s

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    I don't have any experience with the Okuma rods, so I can't comment on them... but, I do with the Ugly Sticks.

    I have been trolling with the Uglies for 22 years now and have ZERO complaints. When they discontinued the CAL1100 7' Med model, that I used for 21 of those years, I spent some time looking for their replacements that I would eventually want to do.

    After trying several much more expensive brands, that were offered for me to try, I tried the replacement that Ugly Stick was offering in their place, and was pleasantly surprised... that's the USCA701M model. They go for 39.99 at most stores.

    I bought ten of them last fall, when I found a sale price of 31.99 at the time, and have been using them since. I am very happy with their performance, and was even happier with their pricing.

    I didn't think I would find one I liked as much as the CAL1100, but I think I like these a little bit more.

    The best part of using these rods, is my customers cannot destroy them...and, some of them "accidentally" try it from time to time. lol

    Anyway....for what it's worth...that's my .02 cents on the subject.

    Captain Julia "Juls" Davis
    [email protected]
    2019 Ranger 621 FS Pro Series rigged with a 300 Evinrude G2
    (2) Humminbird Helix 12 SI CHIRP Mega Imaging Gen2
    Minn-Kota Ulterra 112 w/iPilot LINK
    Specializing in 1-3 person walleye and perch charters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sbflomike View Post
    Thanks for the info! Still curious why an 8'3" trolling rod would have a 'light' action.
    the only reason i can think of is a light rod can have a little more bend at the rigger than say a or a med rod. the light action would add more fun to fighting the fish. but i always liked my rigger rods in med/lt.

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    I've always liked ugly sticks too.
    Only reasons I went with okuma is:

    Availability/easy- this place has okuma combos pre spooled ready to rock, I buy this I can go fishing right now.

    Price- $10-20/per unit buying 9 rods adds up. Plus I'm cheap so there is that.
    If I depended on them to make a living then the initial money would matter less. I don't buy cheap tools for the job site, but a diy'er isn't likely to buy multiple $100+ saw blades to do 1 or 3 jobs.

    There is also a strong argument for buy once cry once. If I see 50 days a year trolling that is a TON of fishing for me. Wife and kids and work and church and scouts and baseball and...

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