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  1. Thanks for the info Dr.Ed will let you know next time we get out rain has made it a little tough with out a hard top boat
  2. Don't look for me any time soon. Moved the boat to Geneva. Cuts my driving time in half and yesterday I boated a Fish Ohio walleye just 5 miles from the harbor. The fish are suspended 3-4 miles due north of the Geneva marina in 66 FOW. Locals are catching them running 50 TT back 45' with gold Contender spoons. I used a 40TT back 90' and it worked. Stay in touch.
  3. Cant make it let me know how you did want to get out poss Sunday eve however
  4. Plan to launch at Catawba State Park at 7:15 AM Wednesday. Have no idea where I'll be headed or methods used. Hoping something will turn up on the website to help me. Ch. 79 if you are out.
  5. Hey Dr Ed I spoke with you at the Catawba boat ramp today made it home ok let me know next time your out
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