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  1. Whats up ?
  2. been out lately ?
  3. whats up ?
  4. been out lately
  5. You aren't missing much, but things will be heating up real quick. The hatch is virtually over and the fish are conditioned to glutony. This weekend will be silly with all of the 4th party goers. Get that boat ready.
  6. I am still working on my boat so its ok that fishing is slow will hope to hit it harder towards the end of summer and during the fall and fill my freezer up
  7. I hate it when that happens. Thank you for your kind words. I love to fish and help others fish. I havn't had a great year but I have had some good days. Weather and timing has not been the best. Things are improving with the hatch winding down. Take care and stay in touch.
    Tight lines,
  8. I have had to spend to much time internet fishing lately and not on the lake however reading all your advice and trip info helps pass the time and gives me something to try next time out thanks for all the posts . I have noticed that with all the views on various threads there are only a small percentage of replys only a few like yourself willingly take a few minnutes to share what they know or have recently experienced.
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